Central Orthodontics

Information for your first visit to Central Orthodontics


In preparation for your visit to the practice we have included some information here which may be of benefit.  We would like this visit to be as easy as possible for you.  No treatment will be carried out on your first visit.  It is a chance for you to discuss any issues you have with the appearance of your teeth, their position or alignment, the way your teeth bite together or any other factors which concern you. 

The orthodontist will discuss these and make an assessment.  Some records may be made to help with this assessment and then the options open to you discussed. 

It is important we have the correct details and information about you.  These are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.   Administrative and medical history information will be recorded in your notes.

Medical History Form, click here to download.

This link may have been sent as a text message.  The easiest way to manage this is to open the link on your phone and then share it to your email address.  This will allow you to downlaod the page and print it.  

Please download and complete the Medical History form.  Hand to reception when you attend.  This will save you time at your visit and will allow us to confirm the correct details for our records.  

We use mobile numbers for text message confirmation of appointments and email addresses for letters.  We do not send marketing material or pass your details onto any other company. 


Information leaflets about each practice are availbe via the links below:

Stirling infornmation leaflet PDF

Falkirk Information Leaflet PDF


Access to NHS orthodontic treatment.

Everyone is entitled to an orthodontic assessment to determine their suitability for orthodontic treatment.  Your own dentist is responsible to look after the overall health of your mouth, gums and teeth.  These all need to be in a healthy condition before any orthodontic treatment can be planned.


The National Health Service will provide funding for treatment to patients who have not had treatment before and who satisfy the qualification criteria as outlined in the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.  The leaflet, which you can download here, explains the index.  Your orthodontist will advise you on your assessment visit if you are likely to qualify. 


Private treatment options are available if you desire.