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Six Month Smile, Inman Aligners and Other Short Term Orthodontic Solutions

We are concerned about the increase in the availability of so called “quick fix” orthodontic solutions.  These types of treatment are promoted under various names which include “Six month Smile”, “Inman Aligner”, “C-Fast braces”, “Fast Braces”, etc.  The treatment is usually provided by Dentists who do not hold an orthodontic qualification.  These dentists tend to offer one of the “brace” types noted above.

The providers of these types of treatment have limited training in the application of the brace they are promoting.  They are not Orthodontists and do not have full understanding of the many complicated reasons why your teeth are out of line. 

Orthodontists have many years of post-graduate training to allow them to qualify as Specialists.  This allows them to be on the General Dental Council list of Specialists.  Orthodontists have knowledge and understanding to provide you with the best treatment option.  This is determined by what requires to be done to straighten your teeth and what you would like to be achieved.

You should seek advice from a fully qualified specialist if you are interested in pursuing orthodontic treatment.  This advice may be freely available under the NHS (some patients have statutory charges to pay) or with a private consultation. 

Treatment can be offered with either NHS braces (metal) or with one of the many private options available.  This treatment can be tailored to what you wish to have done and could be achieved in a short period of time.  A realistic outline of how long the treatment will take will be provided before commencing. 

If you would like to have further information about this there are some articles below which may be of interest.  These were published in the British Dental Journal in December 2013 and April 2014 and in January 2105 in the Sunday Times.  The first highlights the issues of short term orthodontic treatment and the second is a discussion of opposing views on the subject.  

The Times article is a good summary highlighting the issues but does not go into the same depth.

Until recently, cosmetic dentistry has focused on the use of traditional restorative techniques, bleaching and the so-called facial rejuvenators such as injectable dermal fillers and Botox. More latterly, the short-term use of aesthetic removable aligners and ceramic fixed appliance brackets have been promoted for use by general dental practitioners as a means of minimising the invasive amount of restorative dental treatment that would otherwise be required to achieve the desired degree of aesthetic improvement. Nevertheless, there are inherent risks and complications associated with short-term orthodontic treatments that are limited in their outcomes and these, together with the potential ramifications for the long-term dental health of patients, are discussed.


What you should know about "quick fix" for your orthodontic problem Published December 2013

Discussion of the paper  Published April 2014

Article Published in The Times