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The Somnowell mandibular advancement appliance is worn during sleep and gently holds your lower jaw in the ‘recovery position’. This is one of the most researched and proven methods for maintaining an open airway to control both snoring and sleep apnoea. While other devices infringe on tongue space and cause the user discomfort, the Somnowell's unique lower connector gives the tongue free space to move.
The design of the Somnowell takes into account the individual features of each patient's teeth, mouth and jaw joints. somnowell-appliance.pngAn added benefit of the Somnowell is that it keeps the teeth in position and carefully manages the jaw joints. The Somnowell MAA (mandibular advancement appliance) for snoring and sleep apnoea is also used as an effective treatment for bruxism and TMJ.

As seen on BBC1 "Goodnight Britain".  This programme followed several patients with different sleep related problems. 

Also on ITV London Life: 

This is a short 7 minute program made by ITV London Life about the Somnowell appliance. In the program Dr Ash treats a patient and is interviewed about the Somnowell along with two Consultant ENT Surgeons Mr Mike Dilkes and Mr Sherif Habashi.


Somnowell User Guide


"Good afternoon Peter,

The feedback regarding the device from Mrs C is very encouraging. Personally I don’t know as I am generally asleep. Its easy to wear and no problem fitting. It has also been tested under the most rigorous Rioja conditions and was found to be not wanting in any shape or form. The C-PAP machine has now been confined to a cupboard. I hope this e-mail finds you well and if you would like to use my testimonial please feel free.




"I am very, very happy with it: I'm using it every night and my husband says that I make very little noise, it doesn't disturb him.

This device is one of the best things I ever had, because now I can sleep without causing disturbance.

The first day I used it my mouth was a little dry, but not any more.  I can open my mouth and talk while wearing it......What a diference from the previous appliances!!!

There is only one thing.....sometimes it takes me a little time to find the right position to apply the device correctly: the top can be correct while the lower one is upside down; now, I try to be careful, keeping it in the right posoition after washing it. 

I want to thank you for the part you have had in increasing my comfort and this month, I will also see the Doctor that referred me to you, to show and explain how it works"           C............