Central Orthodontics


We have helped great number of people, both children and adults, to gain a winning smile and increase their self-confidence. You can read about just a few of them below:

Thank you for all your time and effort over the last 18 months, I really appreciate it.


Thank you for the hard work into getting my teeth straight. You have done an amazing job! Thanks again



Thank you so much for all your hard work through out the past 3 years. I’m now more confident with smiling as my teeth are a lot more straight. Thanks for the retainers and braces and the models of my teeth; before and after. Thanks again



How kind you are!. Thanks for giving me my perfect smile

S**** M*****


I would also like to commend you on your superior Orthodontistry! I would give you chocolates but I thought better of walking in to a dental practice with sweets.



Thank you for seeing A***** and particularly D***** for assessment. It was good to get re-assurement on the best way forward with his teeth in particular. Kind Regards

R**** and G*****


Thank for all your work. My dad says you can only eat these sweets just before or after a meal and not in-between !… Only Joking !!



Thank you for all your work on improving my teeth! It really has all been worth it. Best wishes

S***** S*****


K***** has just came in the door fresh from having her braces removed, and she is over the moon. The results are wonderful and we are totally delighted. Thank you so much for doing such great work with her – it is Very much appreciated. Yours



Thanks for being a great Ortho!



I love my teeth! Thank you